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About Aford Turtle

The woods is home to many different types of animals, all with different agendas. I like to assume that all of these animals have personalities. It was during my walks as a youth through the woods that I saw and heard the personalities of these animals. I made mental notes of the neurotic squirrel gathering nuts as part of his daily chores, the lazy frogs basking in the sunlight while sitting by the pond and the talkative birds gathered in treetops to discuss the latest gossip. This led me to wonder, what if a certain animal had my personality?

AFORD is a creation which explores that thought. There is Aford T. Turtle— a turtle who loves to reflect on the puzzles and complexities of life who is also easily frustrated by the smallest of problems. There is Simon Snake—a fun- loving, no-worries goofball who is quick to come up with the first wise-crack or insult. Then there is Robin—a highly pessimistic bird who never learned how to fly and seems to hold that against the world around him.

While the main characters of AFORD are reflections of personalities I grew up with in my childhood, every character in this comic strip is a personality I have encountered through my life experiences. As I continue to live my daily life I see more and more individuals whose personalities would make great characters in my comic strip. So be careful if you ever make my acquaintance . . . you might just wind up in the next AFORD comic.

Aaron Riddle
Creator/Artist/Writer of AFORD