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Read some fan letters sent in by loyal AFORD readers.
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"I have checked out your website, and you have a bright career to look forward to. Keep up the good work. I hope you pick up enough papers soon enough to make your strip a success. It looks like that shouldn't be too much of a problem." - Jim Toomey (of Sherman's Lagoon)

"Your strip looks great! Perseverance is paramount. Keep hitting the syndicates and you get there." - Dana Summers (of The Middletons)

"Your comic strip looks pretty good. I don't really have time for more than a quick look at things, but it seems better than most of the stuff people ask me to look at. Good luck with the syndicates!" - Bill Amend (of Foxtrot)

"Thanks, I'm glad you like the strip. I've had emails from people that relate because they're personal trainers, or cartoonists, or like chickens, but never all three! The trick is usually getting a reader to relate just one point. I checked out your site; looks great. Good luck with it.!" - Mike Belkin (of Unfit)

We like your comics. We like the one where Robin has a meteor crash through his nest the best!- Denavya, Jessy, and Ryan, Students at Edison Elementary School in Willoughby, OH

Hi!!! I am a turtle fan and now a huge Aford fan!!! I just love Aford! - Mars

I totally love the Aford comics that you make! I always get a few laughs out of that witty turtle, even when I'm in a bad mood! It's also a reeeely big releif to finally have some good, clean comics to laugh at. I just want to thank you for puittting these comics out. - Meredith

I was just surfing when I came upon your site. Coincidentally, I love comic strips and I'm simply awed by your strip. They're so funny and neatly drawn. You really captured their personality, especially Aford's southwestern uncle. I personally like Simon. Can't help but to laugh out loud in almost every strip. People here in our house are already giving me weird looks! I was having a bad day until now. I hope you continue to make Aford strips and upload your site regularly. I'll tell my friends about your site as well as our local paper. Thanks for sharing your humor and talent. And best wishes to you and your fiance. - April G.

I love Aford. If you're not syndicated soon, I'm going on a hunger strike! - Melvin Durai (see his site here)

Thanks for the great comic strip. I enjoy reading about my turtle "cousins". - Turbo the Turtle (see his site here)

Hey! Your comics are so adorable! My name is Michelle. I'm 16 years old, and I live in Canada. - Michelle

I just wanted to tell you that I totally adore your strip--maybe because i love turtles so much--but i think your totally awesome!! keep up the great work!! - Rosie

Thanks for starting my day off with a smile and a little laughter. - Sally

Dear Aaron, I have recently started reading your cartoon and I really like them. Keep up the good work and I hope to see your work in more newspapers. The only way I can read it right now is via the internet. best of luck to you! - Scott

Just wanted to say that I loved your comic strips. I'm in Nashville TN, and maybe could suggest your stuff to one of the papers here :) I really liked Aford and his friends from your Archive. Thank you for being creative!! - Dawn

oh my gosh i love your comics. i was just surfing the web, and i fell into your site by accident. i thought it was going to be a dumb little kid site, but i read into it and i luved your comic. i told all of my friends and joke. and they luved it too, so you might hear from them too. keep up the good work. - Lydia

Thanks Aaron for bringing very happy hours to my life with aford. He's great and even in great britain ppl love it !!! i have told all my friends about the site and now we are all big fans . I would just like to re-itterate my gratitude to you and a very happy future in drawing. LONG LIFE AFORD !!! - Steven

I've just stumbled across your comic strip surfing for turtle websites. It's great!! I ablsolutely adore turtles. - Belinda

I love Aford! My favorites are the Cousin Jake ones. - Will M.

I love the website about Aford. I think you are a great artist. - Nathan A.

I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed stumbling onto your site. Just great stuff and I loved your turtle themes! It's cool to see a young cat such as yourself that obviously has a wheelbarrow full of talent (with talent spilling over the sides)! -Jim C.

I really love Aford, he's so-ooo cute! Hee hee! - Lindsey

Hi I took a brief tour of your great site. I am a turtle lover and did not know about your comic strip. - Peggy in Kansas

I love Aford! He's great! I wanted to email you and let you know how much I dig your comic! - Megan R.

This is a really cool site! - CatcherBoy

Hey, I just started reading your comics, and I really enjoy them. Thanks for putting a great comic out there. - Jennifer

I love Aford! To me, it's up there with Zits and Garfield. Aford is hilarious. I love it. Aford is one of the best! - Alana D.

Hi, my name is Adam and I would just like to say Aford is almost as good as Garfield and the other greats. Also, how did you get so good at drawing? - Adam

Aford rawkes! I hope you never stop drawing those comics. I liked the one's with Cousin Jake. - Studd

I love your cartoons. Keep up the good work. - Tricia F.

I think that your comic strip rules! I am a 12 year old seventh grader trying to be a partime cartoonist as a kid. I think that you are the best cartoonist in my opinion, thanks for your time and keep bringing on Aford! - Brad W.

I personally love your comic strips! I think that one reason I like Aford comics so much, is because I am in love with turtles (lol). You are a great artist, writer, etc. for Aford comics. Whatever you do, keep them coming. - Stephanie

You should have this comic in the paper!!!! It is AWESOME..... It is so funny, plus I like turtles so that makes it better. Keep up the good work. - Olivia S.

I've just come across your website while trying to find some information about a sick tortise, and I was pleasantly surprised. I like your work, but I'm not sure about the name! - Alan Ford (A. Ford).

You make the best comics in the world. Your drawings are so good! - Josh B.

I too am a cartoonist and enjoy your work. - Hagan W.

I really like the comics. - Kris

I checked out "Aford", great stuff. Nicely drawn and well-written. I knowI've seen it somewhere, but I can't remember when. I definitely makes an impression. - Brad Guigar (

Your comics are GREAT! I think they are way better than Garfield he just sleeps and eats but Aford is just GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! - Eddie

Let me just say that you are amazing! I love turtles and when i found this comic i was amazed. - Kristina O.

I recently visited your web site and viewed your work. You have produced a very likable turtle guy, much better than what we saw in ' The Master of Disguise'. Congratulations on the success of your comic strip. I wish you the well for the future. - Curtis J.

I love the new website(very professional) and i think Aford is excellent, it certainly has progressed over the last two years and is of such a high standard now, im sure i dont need to tell you this but it seems to have got more (for want of a better word) classy and professional over that period, in both the art and the humour which has come on leaps and bounds, so congratulations on an excellent strip. i hope you get it syndicated soon. - James B.

Y'all got a great strip -- just stumbled into it. Of course I might be a bit pre-partial to it. I picked up the nickname "Turtle" when hiking. Thanks for the laughs from a slightly graying ex-bouncer, ex-linthead, Wally-World escapee, library Turtle.- William, The Library Turtle

I love how you draw, and i also love turtles. I'm so glad I found this awsome site! - Victoria

Wow, you are amazing, all your comics are amazing and i love you! I adore turtles and when I found Aford I fell in love with him straight away. Amazing pictures an amazing artist, and i'm sure a amazing guy! I love the way you got aford a name, through a car, clever!- Amy

Turtles are my favourite animal so I went to the website. I am 7yrs old and from New Zealand. I love turtles, and I think that you cartoon is funny.- Elisabeth

I love ur site and i also love turtles ! ! ! please never shut down ur site because its really good.- Jessica

My fifth grade students love your comic strip and they rush in every morning to see which one is going to show up on the computer next. Keep it up!.- Tonja (fifth grade teacher)

Cool site and comic strip! I love turtles (have some kind of turtle in every room of my house and at the office). A fellow co-worker also loves turtles and showed me this site today!.- Trey T.

Being an avid turtle fan, I have to say this is one of the greatest comics (not being biased). You've got great talent and I hope it hits the local papers here soon! If not, I'll just have to deal with checking the website. Keep up the good work and thanks for the laughs!!.- Kristen T.

You are awsome you have inspired me in a way that i have no words for. I love your style and your funny comics. Some day i want to be a artist just like you. - Amy L.

AFORD just warms my heart. I can't stop reading your comics, Mr. Riddle! They're all so adorable! Thank you so much for creating AFORD, because he is the first and only turtle I have seen in a comic strip. Keep up the good work! - Meagan