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National Cartoonist SocietyAimless - by Kyle Miller. Great, well done comic strip! Check out his syndicated comic Working Daze too!
All About Eda - by John Bell. Odd comic following the tales of two (I'm not sure what they are)...but all the more reason to check it out!
The Amoeba - by Paul Tye. The story and school-life observations of a friendly microscopic life form in all his tea-drinking, cheesecake-craving glory
The Best Cartoonists on the webBackyard Adventures of Moe and Ron - by Jeff Paige. Funny strip about two boys, with little in common, spending time together.
Barely Human - by Raymond Branch. Comic about a group of human acting bears!
Best in Show - by Phil Juliano. A web comic strip about chocolate labrador retriever Spencer, his pet owner PJ and the trials of life as a dog. A must for dog-lovers!
Broken Pony - by Jamie Cosley. Neat comics by this christian cartoonist. Give it a look!
Buddy and Hopkins
- by Jason Nocera. Comic strip about two buddies trying to make it big in a band. Good struff, especially for anyone in a band!
Cabbage Creek - by Hakan Mattsson. A comic strip originally from Sweden, but now is translated into English for our laughing pleasure!

Captain Ribman - A great comic strip featuring the exploits of Capt. Ribman as the main superhero! Better than Superfriends in my opinion!

Cecil and Dipstick Duck - by Ron Collins. Follows the adventures of a guy named Cecil and a duck named Dipstick!
Clayman - great 3D cartoons by the Clayman himself!
Coffee Spill - by Kevin Coffee. Single panel weekly strip on various topics. The coloring of the strip is excellent!
Cold Cuts - by Tom Wilson. A single panel cartoon about all sorts of stuff (except coldcuts that is!).
Cole Comics - by Guy Medley. Comic strip about a 7 year old boy. Check it out!
The Comic Factor - Read a collection of downloadable comics on this site!
Cornered - by Mike Baldwin. Single cartoon panel distributed by Universal Press Syndicate!
Crackhead and Hatch - Nifty comic about an egg and a chicken.
Curtoons - by Curtis Tucker. Single panel cartoon by the creator of Shaggy Duck Studios. Really good toon!

Dandy and Company - by Derrick Fish. Cartoon about a hip dog and his friends. Nice website and strip!
The Deep End - by Anton Ballard. A single panel cartoon featuring great gags each and every day! A top notch web cartoon!

The Designersaurs - by Jo Travers. A UK webcomic about some lab coat wearing dinosaurs. Give it a read!
Dokie the Dog - Tony Ford. Updated M, W, F. Following the adventures of a dog who lives with his own satellite dish. Unique drawing style that fits the strip.
Dudley - by Alan Levine. Dogs playing golf and running for congress as nature intended.
DuJour - by Robert Seymour. Topical humor with Harold and his friends. Great gags!
Ecobitz - by Tom Nesbitt and John Dumbrille. A comic dedicated to the "greening" of America.
Flash and Iggy - by Shawn B. Mowery. Comic strip in flash animation about a turtle and a dude named Iggy.

The Feral Eye - by Terry Sedgwick. Weekly single panel color cartoon covering a variety of topics. Very Funny!
The Funny Cartoon - Ian Brayshaw, graphic designer has created a Web site of cartoons and comic strips gathered from around the web so you can enjoy them in one place.
Fuzzy Things - by Jonathan Sario. Unique and brightly colored strip following the lives of some gradeschool animal characters.

Geoff Toons - by Geoff Hassing. Wonderful cartoons by Mr. Hassing. Take a look!
Get with the Program - by Gjis Rosengarten and Jan Niestadt. Cool comic with a penguin. Give it a read!

Good Medicine Cartoons - Hilarious FAR SIDE-type cartoons! Endorsed by Bil Keane (creator, The Family Circus)
Gravity- by Coffman and McDeavitt. A great daily comic that takes place in the 31st century aboard a gravity generation station! Awesome strip!

Gravitywell Productions - a nice place to read about updates on a few of the web's hottest online comics.

Greystone Inn - by Brad Guigar. Great comic strip about a cast of characters making a comic strip!! Starring a cigar smoking gargoyle. I highly recommend this one!

Hackles - by Drake Emko and Jen Brodzik. Nice Tuesday/Thursday comic about a programmer dog named Hackles.
Haiku Circus - Ken Sakamoto. Comic strips featuring Japanese haikus.
Hall Toons - by Ed Hall. Very funny ediotrial cartoons. Give them a look.

Hellogoodbye - by Andrey Feldshteyn. It is a romantic, philosophical, and crazy journey, where characters are naive and simple-minded.
Hey Harry - by Thomas Ebert. Great single panel cartoon following the adventures of Harry!
Hip Shot - by Andy White. Great single panel cartoons that will make you laugh til it hurts!

Innies and Outies - by Leonard Cachola. Cute comic strip about two latchkey kids who drive each other nuts while growing up in suburbia.

It's A Jungle Out There - by Christophe Granet. Single panel cartoon featuring animals.

Just Kidding Cartoons - by Road Maclean. One panel educational cartoon about the funny side of school life.
Kim and Jason - by Jason Kotecki. Return to Childhood with Kim & Jason, the Comic Strip about Childhood...and buy a Jelly Bean card!
Kustom Kartoons -
Kustomized gifts with Kustom Kartoons!
Life of Ed - by Matt Simonis. Ed always finds a way to make things funny.
Lifetown Cartoons - by Joe Ruisi. Great collection of all sorts of toons, including the great Aquila the Hun!
Lost and Found - Matt Milligan. Following the exploits of the Lost and Found detective agency run by Frank Chase and his wise cracking dog Max. Well drawn and written.

Mason Darrow - by John Klossner. Excellent comic about the adventures of a lawyer. Check it out or you might get sued!
Meet Sid - by John Pangia. 3-D rendered comic about Sid and his wife Marge. Give it a look!
Not In My Backyard - by Dale Taylor. Comic following the interesting lives of dogs as the reside in the backyards of their owners homes. Quality comic strip (esp. for dog lovers).

Nurstoons - by Carl Elbing Jr. Cartoons about nurses and hospital humor. Great stuff!

O''deer - by Groovi. Comic strip about what reindeer do the rest of the year. Funny!
The Official Marty Cubic Site - Comic strip based on America's favorite paranoid neurotic, Marty Cubic!
Off The Mark - by Mark Parisi. Humorous single panel cartoons of all subjects. A top online toon pick!

Online Comics - A big list of great online comic strips.

Owlie! - by Mike Leffel and Bob Scott. Colored web comic about a big, somewhat pscho owl who is a grump and likes to eat people. Give it a look!
PC Weenies - by Krishna Sadasivam. Color one panel cartoon about computer geeks!

Pencil Wedgees - by Bruce Monahan. Weekly single panel cartoon featuring the whacked humor of Bruce!
Pewfell Porfingles - by Chuck Whelon. Daily comic following the adventures of a wacky wizard named Pewfell!

Pewsitters - by Matt Nelson. Comic following the expoits of some young christian kids.

Poet Ink. - by Dave Smith. Comic strip by a man who also runs the Cartoonist Connection! Check them both out!

Polsgrove - by Crisologo Baldelomar. An exaggerated and humorous comic about the life of high school/college students.
Puffy Cloud - by Robert McClurkan. Comic about the adventures of two young boys. Updated weekly!

Rafferty - by Barry Corbett. The misadventures of week-end athlete Duncan Fisk and his cynical raccoon sidekick!

Ralph's Basement - by Ralph Hagen. Single panel cartoon by Ralph from the depths of his basement!

Rudy Park - Theron Heir and Darrin Bell. Colored comic strip appearing every Sundays on the web. Centered around a young man named Rudy and his pals at the House of Java Cyber Cafe.

The Scooter Brothers - by Chris Rainer. A new single panel comic, similiar to The Farside.

Scrag Ends - by Brian Hughes. Hilarious single panel comic strip. One of the best out there on the web!

Second Nature - Dave Werner. Strip about a young boy named Cameron and the friends he meets in the natural world while growing up.

Sheep Comics - Unique comic about sheep that live like people!

Sluggy Freelance - by Pete Abrams. One of the most popular web comics out there. Give it a read.

Somedaze - wacky comic by the sandwhich lover and mysterioso T. Weier.

Speartoons - Weekly cartoons by Kevin Spear.

Sun Puppy - by Eric Kasten. Comic strip about the wacky life of a dog!
Strange Breed - by Steve Langille. A great single panel cartoon about anything and everything. Much of the humor is offbeat, but I recommend you check it!
Studd Comics - the adventures of a punk rock teen!

Stytoons - by Lee Styron. A weekly cartoon panel in color. Good for a weekly laugh!

Surf Monkey's Extreme Page - This is not a comic strip webpage. It's my younger brother's homepage featuring sports of the extreme nature (kiteboarding, skateboarding, surfing).

TenNinetySeven Cop Cartoons - by Badger. Great cartoons with police humor!

Tiki Coladas - by Jonathan Caustrita. Read the adventures of some wacky characters at the Happy Hour night club. Very nice web comic!
Thanks for Nuthin' - by Brad Fitzpatrick. Great comic strip about the lives of some unfortunate souls.

Todd and Penguin - by David Wright. Cute comic strip about a guy and his penguin friend. Light hearted humor, which I recommend!

Toondra Animation Studio - Animation studio specializing in cartoons, commercials and interactive flash animation.
Toy Trunk Railroad - comic strip blending humor with the subject matter of trains and railroads.
Vern and Dern - funny comic strip about two Southern gents who like to sit on their back porch
The Weedpatch - by Justin Jennings. Comic about two youngsters growing up together. Give it a look!