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All About Turtles - learn all about turtles at this neat turtle-rific website!
Animal Child Books - Over 20,000 animal child books! Wildlife nature photography, animal action videos & DVDs, books on wildlife and more.
Confessions of a Turtle Wife - website selling a book about a wife and her turtles!
ExZooberance - great animal site with photos, news, magazines and more!
FelixCam - online webcam featuring Felix the turtle. He even decorates for Christmas!
Frog Nirvana - gifts, jewelry, clothing, fountains, and more frog merchandise!
Golden Gate Geckos - Specializing in distinctive leopard geckos!
Herp Tiles - a great site for reptile resources.
Lizard Lounge - cool lizard site with care sheets and other stuff.
Jensen's Page - Danish site about reptiles and reptile care.
My Hermann Tortoises - page about two tortoises.
Pet Station - a guide to natural and enlightened pet keeping!
The Reptile Room - a great place to find out the best prices on reptiles!
Reptiled - another cool reptile page!
Rocky's Webpage - a webpage for and about a turtle!
SlowCoach Tortise Site - wonderful site about tortises and tortise information.
Snakey Free Stuff - free stuff all about snakes!
Tortoise Mania Online - Informative and amusing tortoise site.
Turtle House - turtle page with a neat kids section!
Turtle Stuff - just what it says....the best place to find turtle stuff on the web!
Turtle TV Network - Awesome turtle cartoon site with great funny videos!
West Texas Herp Society - official site of the West Texas Herp Society!
Valley Turtle and Tortise Society - features Aford in their monthly newsletter.
Venomous Reptiles - home of the Southeastern Hot Herp Society.
VA Herper - comprehensive reptile directory of dealers, information, and more!