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November 2003: Chrysallis Website: 3rd Quarter Web Award
by Staff
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If you're looking for light-hearted fun and insightful wit in your day, then a visit to the Official Aford T. Turtle site is sure to satisfy!

Pasadena, Maryland artist Aaron Riddle draws you into the world of Aford and friends with ease, bringing a smile to even the toughest critic. Follow the adventures of Aford, Simon, Robin, and others as they live out their day-to-day lives in the woods, as well as deal with amusing happenings such as encounters with circus performers and a renegade pig.

Riddle has ensured that this is one site that doesn't lack for extras. Not only is there a store where one may purchase merchandise such as t-shirts and mugs, there's a section for fan feedback, downloadable coloring pages, drawing tips, a guestbook, an art contest for the kids, and so much more.

Don't be a tortoise about it! Click here to visit the Official Aford T. Turtle site today.