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Click here to download and AFORD Syndicate Packet!
(PDF File)

"AFORD" is published in over two dozen reptile related newsletters, hundreds of websites, several monthly, weekly, and daily newspapers, and in the Erickson Tribune, which reaches over 1 million readers every month.

Interested in having AFORD published in your home paper?

Write to your local editor and tell him/her about AFORD. Or, send their information to Aaron Riddle, the creator and artist of AFORD, and let him contact the editor himself. You can reach Aaron Riddle via the web or snail mail at:

Aaron Riddle
P.O. Box 571
Middletown, VA 22645
Click here to e-mail him!


Publications that publish or have published AFORD:

  • The Town Crier
    (Geneva, NY)
  • The Erickson Tribune (National)
  • The VA Herper
  • Neighbor to Neighbor (Florida)
  • Tech News
  • The Daily Reporter (Pennsylvania)
  • Clarke-Times Courier
    (Berryville, VA )
  • The Maryland Gazette
    (Anne Arunel Co., MD )
  • Hometown News
    (Grey Eagle, MN)
  • Merrimack Connection
    (Dover, NH)
  • North Fork Country
  • BAARS Newsletter