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A Custom Drawing Gift of a Chief Surgeon Medical Cartoon

This was a simple, quick, black and white drawing done at the request of Amatul H. in Norfolk, VA. The drawing is for a chief surgeon and would feature some funny, inside joke quotes from a group of medical students. From Amatul:

“The image would be the following scene: a chief surgeon in scrubs and a scrub cap, sitting at the head of a conference table, surrounded by several (4-6) medical students in white coats.
One medical student is presenting (I would give you a few words to put in a speech bubble) and the chief surgeon is thinking something in a thought bubble.”

“Aaron was incredibly easy to work with- he created a custom order for me even though I gave him very short notice (less than a week). He responded to my inquiry even though it was over a weekend, and welcomed all my ideas. The result was a high-quality digital cartoon that was even better than I expected. It was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone I shared it with- thank you so much Aaron!” – Amatul H.

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