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Bo Bear the Teddy Bear Turned into a Cartoon Drawing

A while back I posted a drawing I did for my youngest daughter of her elf friend. After I finished the drawing, my oldest daughter immediately asked for a drawing of her own. I told her I would work it into my schedule. ;-)

Her favorite stuffed animal is her Bo Bear. This bear was given to us as a baby shower gift. We called him “Bo Bear” because he had a pink “bow” ribbon tied around his neck.

Once she was born we gave it to her, and now at age 10 he still has a place in her bedroom.

I knew right away when she asked that I would do a drawing of Bo Bear…the question was what did I want him to be doing? There was only one answer. My oldest daughter loves ballet (recently making it into point), so I decided to create Bo Bear into a Bear Ballerina.

Here is the end result, with none other than Bo Bear himself.


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