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Captain America, BB8, Bruce Springsteen and More Cartoon Drawing

As far as drawings go including a random cast of characters from all over the movie and music spectrum, this one would be hard to top. Christine P. in Alexandria, VA wanted a drawing gift for her fiancé full of a pretty diverse group. In her own words, here is what she requested:

“I am looking for a somewhat complicated (and odd) drawing. I would like a picture of my fiancé as Captain America, holding a Bloody Mary drink, standing with me as Princess Leia (holding our boston terrier dog, who has the Batman logo somewhat visible on her cape). Somewhere in the picture I’d like you to include BB-8 and Bruce Springsteen, and two framed portraits – one of Tom Hanks and one of Jimmy Stewart. Finally, I’d like there to be a Christmas tree in the picture.”

This drawing request was so unique and full of a melting pot of personas that I could not wait to get started on it! :)

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