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Cartoon Dog Custom Wedding Invitation – Three Dogs BBQ Drawing

A custom cartoon drawing can really make your wedding invitation stand-out from the pack…or in this case…showcase a PACK of dogs. Casey P. in Rockaway Park, NY had a specific idea in mind featuring her lovable pooches holding a banner for their wedding / BBQ bash. The drawing would feature Dexter (a white playful mutt who loves to lick), Newton (a hyper-active chihuahua mix) and Tubbs (a lazy dachshund mix that loves to sleep).

I had a great time bringing out the personalities of all three dogs as I brought their cartoon versions to life!

“It is uncanny how you were able to capture exactly what i was looking for! I mean – its absolutely perfect! I could have not asked for more. They look just like my dogs and you even captured their little quirks! Thank you so much for taking this on, for getting it done in such a short time frame, and most of all for doing such an amazing job on it! My fiancé and I collect a lot of artwork.This is definitely one to go on our walls.Thank you again, and keep sharing your talent with the rest of us! Its truly great stuff!” – Casey P.

Back side of the drawing:



A photo of the three lovable doggies:



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