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Cartoon Drawing Gift of a Couple Doing Jiu-Jitsu Together

Valentine’s Day! The perfect time of year for a special gift for your loved one…and what better gift than a custom cartoon drawing? Cheryl (whom I’ve drawn a cartoon for before) wanted to get her husband Sang something special for Valentine’s Day. Here’s what she asked for:

“While we were dating, my husband got me into Brazilian (Gracie) Jiu-Jitsu. He thinks it’s the best thing that I’m training and enjoying it! I’d like a drawing of me doing a Jiu-Jitsu technique on him (it’s called a rear naked choke). The background setting would be the school that we train at. Both of us would be dressed in the martial arts “gi” attire. I just earned my first belt (it’s pink for the women’s self defense course that I completed).”

I think that is really cool that Cheryl and Sang do martial arts together! I even remember watching Royce Gracie use his jiu-jitsu technique to dominate his opponents in the early days of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

“THANK YOU, AARON!!! It looks awesome! You captured everything. Thanks for putting my pink belt in there. :-) I love it, and I know Sang will love it, too!” – Cheryl

Cartoon Drawing Gift of a Couple Doing Jiu-Jitsu Together Sang with Photo
Sang with his cartoon drawing gift from wife Cheryl.

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