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Cartoon Drawing of a Family as Harry Potter Characters

Tis the season for custom Christmas cards of all types, and what better image to put on your greeting card than a custom cartoon drawing of your family! Shelley W. from McDonough, GA wanted some thing really creative for her Christmas card…her family as student’s enrolled at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from the Harry Potter books and films. Here were the details that Shelley wanted to see in the drawing:

“I’d like something Hogwarts / Harry Potter related for my Christmas cards, with my family as Hogwarts students. There are three people in my family, myself (I’m a Ravenclaw), my teenage daughter (she’s a Slytherin), and my 7 year old son (he’s a Griffyndor). We also have a small yorkie (Hufflepuff), so if you can work her in too, that’d be great. I’d like this to be a color drawing that I can use for my Christmas cards.”

I really enjoyed drawing this cartoon as it had been quite a while since I drew a Harry Potter themed cartoon.

“Love, love, love Aaron’s work! I requested a drawing of my family as Hogwarts students, and wow, did he deliver! Now I want to be in so many other fandom drawings. The possibilities are endless – Star Wars, Doctor Who, Walking Dead, Avengers, X-Men, etc. Aaron is a fangirl’s dream!” – Shelley W.

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