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Cartoon Female Flirting Starfish Drawing for a Nature Center

Jordan P. is a nature center volunteer in Puyallup, WA. He contacted me requesting a cartoon drawing of a flirtatious female starfish. Why you may ask? Here is what Jordan had in mind:

“I would like a cartoon drawing of a sexy, flirtatious (female) starfish. I will be sending your drawing to another vendor to have a custom button created. I will wear this button on the vest I wear at the nature center where I volunteer. The drawing should also read “Flirtin’ with Pisaster”, as “Pisaster ochraceus” is one of the species of starfish we monitor. The starfish can be wearing makeup, high heels, a dress, or whatever you feel a sexy lady starfish would wear. Please keep it appropriate for our younger visitors though.”

I have to admit I have never drawn a flirting starfish before, but there is a first time for everything!

Jordan was kind enough to send me a photo of his finished button:


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