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Cartoon Turtle and Rabbit Getting Married at a Wedding Altar

I have done a few drawings over the years that have been used in various news and blog articles. One of the most popular ones was this Angry Twitter Bird!

For this request, Christian K. in San Francisco, CA asked for a drawing of a turtle and a rabbit getting married. Why you ask? Here are the details from Christian himself:

“I am looking for a thought-provoking b/w cartoon to complement an article which I am going to post. The article is labeled “An unlikely marriage” and is business-related, aimed at professionals. The drawing I am looking for is a rabbit and a turtle in front of the altar, getting married. As you can gather, it’s based on the fable of the rabbit and the turtle, and intended to symbolize the “unlikely marriage” mentioned in the title.”

Being that I illustrated a comic strip of a turtle for many years, this request fit my style to a “T”. :-)

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