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Clementine the Elf Eating Pancakes – A Cartoon Drawing for My Daugther

This is Clementine. She is an elf…a friend to my youngest daughter…and now a big part of our family!

Clementine the Elf Riddle Family
Clementine having pancakes for breakfast.

This past Christmas (2015), my daughter bought Clementine (a toy based on a character from the Hallmark movie “Northpole“). Her reason was that she wanted a friend for our Elf on the Shelf we had around the house for the holidays. Well after Christmas ended, and the Elf on the Shelf went back to the Northpole, Clementine stayed around.

Many months have passed since then and Clementine goes everywhere with the family. She is at the table for breakfast, goes on family trips, and is even going to hang off of my back when I run the Disney World Marathon this coming January.

Clementine the Elf on a Riddle family hike.
Clementine the Elf on a Riddle family hike.

Both of my daughters always show an interest in Buy a Drawing and are curious to know what I am working on when at my drawing board. The youngest was the first to ask for a drawing of her own. I asked her “what do you want me to draw?”…and she replied, “CLEMENTINE EATING PANCAKES!“.

So that’s the story behind this drawing. A large framed color print of the drawing now hangs in my daughter’s room, and to quote Clementine herself, “I’m famous!!!”.

Clementine the Elf with her drawing!

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