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Corgi and Pomeranian Dog Caricature Cartoon Drawings

Justin in MT requested these caricatures of his two dogs, a welsh corgi and a pomeranian. Here is what he had to say:

I would like a separate drawing representing for each of our two dogs. We have a tricolor welsh corgi that I’d like to see represented as a sawmill worker. Work pants and boots, suspenders, plaid flannel shirt, and an old lunch pail with his name “Chip Grumble” on it. No hat. Our other dog is a tan Pomeranian that I’d like to see represented as a hipster. Skinny jeans, skinny suspenders, and whatever else it is hipsters wear. His name is “Jagger”.

Here is a photo of each cute pooch with its caricature!

151127-Justin-Corgi-Pomeranian-Chip-Grumble-promo-withdog 151127-Justin-Corgi-Pomeranian-Jagger-promo-withdog

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