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Custom Cartoon Portrait Drawing of a Sister and Brother

Here is a sweet drawing I did for a sister and brother who are very close. Krystal in San Marcos, CA (the sister) sent me a message asking if I could do a cartoon portrait of her and her brother. There was a bit of a challenge to it however. In Krystal’s words:

“Hi! I’d really like to get a drawing of me and my brother done by you. My little brother is disabled and a few artists have had a hard time drawing his face. Do you think you can do it? I’m not asking you to make him look like everybody else, I understand one of his eyes is smaller than the other and some proportions are off with him. I’m also not asking you to exaggerate those features either.”

Krystal also mentioned in another message that she would like them to both be playing with their chicks and hens (which they have as pets). I got to work on the drawing and was pleased to hear that Krystal was happy with the way everything turned out.

“He did such a great job with our picture that I’d totally use him again! Everything I asked for and a little more! The personal note on the back surprised me and was a great touch!” – Krystal

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