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Custom Cartoon Superhero Drawing of Two Guys and a Space Cat

We have all dreamed of being superheroes at one point in our life, right? I get a lot of requests to draw people, their friends, and pets as superheroes all the time (and I love drawing them!). This one was done for Jeff in Phoenix, AZ. Jeff had a few peculiar features he wanted to include that I thought were hilarious. Here’s what he asked for:

“I’d like a drawing of two Caucasian men superheroes. The man on the left has black hair with gray streaks on the side and on his costume/chest a “J”. The other than would have brown hair with letter “B” on his costume/chest…and they should be holding hands. Also, can they each have different colored capes?I like the idea of having them in outer-space with stars and a couple planets. Also, if you could hide the SHRIMP emoji somewhere in the galaxy, that would be cool (inside joke). Finally, can you draw a mostly orange, black and white fluffy / long haired cat floating in the background with a space helmet on? That would be epic!”

Nothing is more epic than a space cat! I also worked in the shrimp emoji as a flaming comet trailing across outer space.

“WOW Aaron, thank you so much. It’s absolutely perfect.” – Jeff in Phoenix, AZ

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