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Custom Circus Ringmaster Cartoon Caricature

Steve, an active duty Marine in CA, contacted me for this unique and fun request:

I would like a cartoon type drawing for a going away gift for our Australian exchange officer. I would like to depict him as the “ringleader” of a three ring circus, complete with tophat (with a aussie flag on it), chair and whip, keeping several animals at bay. If you could depict him with some military medals and a sash that reads “CERTEX Ring Master”. We would like the animals to have labels: MEU, CSG-15, 3rdFLT, MEF HQ…if possible. 

It is always humbling when people choose to give my art as gifts to important people in their lives. This one was a ton of fun to draw. Also, a big thanks and salute to Steve for serving our country!

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