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Drawing of a Grandfather and His Granddaughter in Heaven

While the majority of drawings I do are very fun, wacky and nonsensical, there are times that I am asked to draw a cartoon in a more serious nature. Amy G. in Taylor, MI (who has ordered from me beforetwice in fact) asked me to draw something this time that will tug at your heart.

In Amy’s own words:

“On December 25, 2010 I had a miscarriage. This was my first and only pregnancy. On December 26, 2014 my Papa passed away. A few nights after his passing I had the most amazing dream. I dreamt that my Papa in heaven came to me on a bed of clouds to say hi and tell me he was okay. As he was walking away, he turned to me with a baby girl in his arms and said ‘Now girl don’t you worry, she’s in good hands.’ I truly believe now that my husband and I have a beautiful baby girl in heaven and my Papa is taking great care of her. It would be incredible if you could make this into a drawling for me.”

In my own mind, nothing I could draw could even come close to honoring two very special people in Amy’s life who have passed away. I gave it my best shot, and am glad that Amy was happy with the drawing.

“So I finally received my drawing and it is prefect. It brought tears to my eyes. You did an amazing job and I love it. You are incredible. Thank you so much again for bringing my dream to life.” – Amy G.

Buy a Drawing Customer Amy with Her Drawing
Amy with her custom cartoon drawing of her Papa and baby girl in Heaven together.


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