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Husband Computer Geek Drawn as Charlie Brown from Peanuts

Rebecca R.‘s husband is a self-titled computer geek. In fact I drew him as Supergeek fighting Godzilla with Wonder Baby a year or so ago for a Christmas present. This time around, Rebecca asked me to draw him as a computer psychiatrist. Only she asked him to be draw as Charlie Brown (one of his favorite characters) sitting behind the famed psychiatric booth often used by Lucy from the Peanuts cartoons (which are near and dear to my heart). In Rebecca’s own words:

“Hi Aaron, I’m looking for a drawing of my husband as a computer psychiatrist. He is a big Charlie Brown fan, so I’d like it to look similar to the pictures of Lucy with her psychiatrist booth, only with my husband as Charlie Brown in the booth instead.”

Rebecca's Husband with Drawing
Rebecca’s husband in real life and in Charlie Brown form!

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