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Life of Dublin Vol. 1 – A Baby Comic Book Cartoon Drawing

You can file this drawing under the “Super Awesome Wild and Crazy Requests that I Love to Draw” category. Kara R. in Long Beach, NY was honored by her friends by being named as their son’s “fairy godmother”. To thank them, Kara contacted me to do a drawing of her and her godson, Dublin. Here’s what she asked for:

“I would love to have a drawing made of Dublin as a superhero (you can invoke any Irish elements). This is crazy sounding but since his mom works in music and it’s important to them maybe his super power involves him playing a guitar. He has two Boston terrier dogs to protect him too. Maybe you could have me in there as his sidekick (or floating as his fairy godmother). I wear black glasses and you could (if you want) make me as a T-Rex with fairy wings and blond hair. I could also send you a pic of me in my t-Rex costume to visualize (I joke a lot about my short arms and have taken the identification too far for my own amusement). Maybe it can be like a comic book cover called “Life of Dublin” vol 1.”

As wacky as a request as this sounds, I immediately saw the scene in my head. Dublin the superhero fighting off evil robots alongside his T-Rex costume-wearing fairy godmother! I am really happy with the way the drawing turned out too. :)

“Aaron took my crazy descriptions and turned them into a phenomenal piece of art that I’m obsessed with as well as my friends who I gave it to (it was a gift for my baby godson)! Besides the art itself being amazing Aaron was also so fast to respond to any questions I have and everything arrived in a timely manner and organized. Definitely plan on buying more works from him and you should too! Very unique idea and the sky’s the limit for what can be created.” – Kara R.

Baby Dublin with Life of Dublin Cartoon Drawing
Here is baby Dublin himself next to the final framed drawing.

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