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Naughty Panda Cartoon Comic Strip – A Unique Drawing Request

As I’ve mentioned before many times here, I get plenty of crazy, odd and fun drawing requests. There was the Twizzler shooting lizard gun, the Captain America / Bruce Springsteen / Jimmy Stewart mash-up…and who can forget the lightsaber-wielding tiger and bunny. This request from Brandon L. in Rockville, MD ranks right up there with them!

Brandon wanted a comic-strip style drawing done for his start-up t-shirt company. Rather than go into great detail about this drawing, I am going to let Brandon’s own words speak for themselves:

I would like a comic book style drawing that shows the following:

Three friends are walking down a busy street. One of the friends is a Panda Bear and the other two are humans. As they are walking they stop at a booth selling random items. One item is a furry docile looking creature. In front of the creature a sign reads “Do not touch”. As the two human friends are looking at the other random items. The panda is fighting the urge to touch the creature but gives in. The three walk away while in the background a tentacle emerges from the furry creature and attacks the booth owner.

Underneath the comic strip I would like the caption to read “Naughty Panda”. Next to the caption I would like a anime style drawing of the head of the panda with a sister look.

I had to read over Brandon’s request a few times to make sure I got the scenario in my head…and then it was off to the drawing board!

I love drawing these types of crazy fun requests! Have your own wacky drawing idea you would like made into a cartoon? Tell me about it and let’s see what I can come up with!

Thank you so much. The drawing is exactly what I had in mind! – Brandon L.

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