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Superhero Anniversary Cartoon Drawing for Kelsey in TX

Kelsey in TX wanted to surprise her boyfriend with a custom cartoon drawing for their dating anniversary (November 22). She asked if they could be drawn as Spiderman and Wonder Woman. I suggested the drawing be of the two of them swinging through the city together, and she said to go for it!

Her reaction:

First of all, wow. Just wow is what I have to say about my drawing. I have shown just about everyone I know the amazing work you did, and TWO of my friends have already ordered and are looking to order their own portraits from you! The story behind mine is that my boyfriend and I are getting ready to celebrate a fabulous year of being together and I wanted to play to his love of superheroes by giving him a big hero themed gift. He’s getting a superman apron, a batman keychain, a spiderman build a bear, and the absolute topper will be the picture you drew of him as spiderman and myself as Wonder Woman. I am just beyond pleased and impressed and I definitely will be sharing your name and your work! Thank you for the time and talent you put into my piece, I love it and most importantly my boyfriend will absolutely love it :) – Kelsey in TX

A photo of the drawing and the happy couple:



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