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Tiger and Rabbit Fighting Zombies with Lightsabers Cartoon

Elizabeth R. from Jackson, MS had quite an unusual drawing request for me (the crazier the better in my book!). She heard about Buy a Drawing through a friend of hers that I did one of my first drawings for (check it out here).

Rather than to try and describe everything she asked for, Elizabeth simply sent me a quick message with a sketch:

Hi, I’m looking to make an anniversary card. In the photo, I wrote descriptions of the different parts (sunset, zombies, bunny, tiger etc). I would like to have color as well. Please let me know your thoughts.


That is truly quite a scene….and I immediately saw my version of it in my head! I couldn’t wait to get started on this one, and soon had it finished, colored and printed up for Elizabeth to give to her partner as a gift.

“What an amazing gift! We are super happy with how it turned out…especially since my drawing wasn’t the best. Highly recommended!!! :)” – Elizabeth R. 

To wrap it all up, here is a photo of the happy couple with their new drawing!



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