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Wolverine Drawn as a Catholic Priest Comic Drawing

Neil in Oswego, IL contacted me to do a drawing gift for a family of X-men fans that recently welcomed a new addition into their family. Their favorite character is Wolverine, and Neil asked for him to be drawn in the attire a Roman Catholic priest would where. Here’s why:

“I’m looking for a drawing to go in a frame in a child’s room. “Teddy” was born August 13, 2016. His name is Theodore Logan Jackson, after Father Ted Hesburgh (famous University of Notre Dame priest and civil rights activist) and the comic book character Wolverine. I would love a kid-friendly drawing of mask-less/civilian Wolverine in a Catholic priest outfit (black dress shirt with Catholic collar, black dress pants and shoes, black sport jacket. Also if possible, please add the vital stats in comic book format: Name: Theodore Logan. Born: 08/13/16. Team: Jackson.” – Neil in Oswego, IL

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