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What Happens When You Request a Drawing? Watch This Video!

Did you ever wonder what went on behind-the-scenes after you ordered a drawing?

I created this short video to answer that question!


Since starting Buy a Drawing, many customers have ordered custom cartoons and drawings from me. Until now, all they knew was that they ordered a drawing, and then it showed up in the mail! I decided to create this video to show all of you everything that happens from start to finish when I receive a drawing order.

Plus it gives you a view into my small little studio where the magic happens.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more quick and fun drawing-related videos coming in the near future.

About Aaron Riddle

Aaron Riddle is a professional cartoonist who has been drawing cartoons of all types since the ripe ole age of 2. He is the creator and illustrator of the comic strip AFORD, which ran for 10 years as a weekly web comic strip and appeared in dozens of newspapers across the country. He has worked as a graphic designer, illustrator and artist for clients all across the country. Aaron is happily married, a proud father of two daughters, and enjoys fitness, the outdoors, and supporting the Navy SEALs.

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