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A Couple Drawn as Custom Cartoon Superheroes

If you are a superhero loving couple, then what better way to remember your time together than being drawn as your own custom cartoon superheroes! Here’s a cartoon superhero couple that I created for Danielle in Wayne, PA. She had a general idea of the type of superheroes she wanted when she contact me, so I’ll let her email do the “talking”:

“I’d like an 8×10 of man and woman superheroes, both caucasian. The man has to have black hair with some gray streaks running through it and a rocket on his costume/chest (like the iPhone rocket emoji). The woman needs to have dark blonde hair in a pony tail (no bangs) and be in a sexy pink super hero outfit with the letters “EG” on her costume/chest. She also has to have a mole on her face, above her lip like Cindy Crawford. I’d like if they were holding hands or showing some type of affection towards one another…and if they could also be in outer-space with stars everywhere or something. At the top write ‘The Amazing Adventures Of…’ but that’s it. Their names are top secret!”

That was a great description by Danielle, so I was able to get to work right away and come up with this final drawing for her.

“Aaron!!! OMG!!! I am beyond thrilled with it! Great job, it’s absolutely perfect!!! I can’t thank you enough for making it happen within such a tight timeframe! I LOVE IT! Thanks so much!!!!!! Here are more exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Danielle M.

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