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Cartoon Drawing of a Friend’s Dream – Cowboy Grilling Bats

Dreams are always a good subject for zany drawings! Kelly B. wanted a drawing done as a gift for her friend based off of dreams they have had. In Kelly’s words:

“Can you do a cowboy drawing (that looks like a friend of mine – I can send you a pic) with one cowboy boot and an eel on his other foot. Also, there should be a barbecue with bats cooking on it. I know it’s really weird but it’s based off of dreams, haha!”

Hmmm…barbecue bats. Maybe that will be a new type of food in the future. I won’t hold my breath on that.

“Amazing artist! I gave him an idea of a series of silly dreams a friend of mine had and he drew it up so quickly and sent it quickly, too. I will definitely go through Aaron again for future drawings.” – Kelly B.

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