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A Drawing of a Mermaid, Tequila, a Tractor, a Cowboy and More!

Some of my drawing requests are pretty straight forward such as “I would like a drawing of me and my dog on the beach”. Other requests are even simpler as in “Please make a cartoon drawing of this photograph”. Then there are really wild requests like Michele P.‘s from San Diego, TX! Rather than try to explain the drawing, I am going to let her own words describe it:

“What I am looking for (and I know it’s strange) is a drawing of a mermaid, sitting on a tractor, holding a bottle of tequila that says “I Can’t Feel My Face Tequila”. Off in the distance, a cowboy waving a cowboy hat and a small storm cloud with a lightning bolt somewhere overhead, but the rest of the sky is starry with a moon. I also want a road sign pointing that says “Springfield Road”. On the tractor, I want “M&M Est. 1992″. Is this doable?”

It sure was doable…and it was a blast to draw!

“Thank you, Aaron. It is amazing!” – Michelle P.

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