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Cartoon Caricature of a Mountain Man Husband

Raquel A. in Glendale, CA wanted to give a gift to her husband and decided on a custom drawing (much to my delight). They are both big fans of the outdoors and do a lot of camping, so she had a pretty specific idea of what she wanted. In her words:

“Hi Aaron, I love your work! I would like a drawing of my husband as a quasi super-hero named “Mountain Man.” I’m picturing him taking up most of the drawing, with his foot on a tree stump or pile or rocks, fists on hips like a super hero, with “MOUNTAIN MAN” written in large super-hero like font along the bottom. The background can be nature/woods/mountains with maybe a tent somewhere in the background if there is room. Can you add me and our dog as well? He can be in regular rugged outdoor clothes. Maybe a hatchet in a belt loop.”

Being a chopper of wood myself, this drawing hit home for me! MOUNTAIN MAN TO THE RESCUE!

“I love it! Thanks so much. He will love it too :). I look forward to getting the drawing in the mail to frame it!” – Raquel A.

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