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A Flying Squirrel Loose in the House Cartoon Drawing

Customers will often ask me to draw cartoon scenes to immortalize their life events, such as getting married or going on a memorable date. I did a series of these drawings for Andrea in Lafayette, IN. One drawing was from their wedding day, another was from their honeymoon to Disney World. However the drawing that I thought was most memorable told the story of the time a flying squirrel got loose in their basement. In Andrea’s words:

“We found a flying squirrel in our basement. It was hiding behind a chalkboard and when I saw it I screamed and started running around like a fool. Brendan had to chase it around trying to catch it in a cup while I just stood at the door panicking. Things were flying off of shelves, furniture was getting knocked over, the whole nine yards.”
What a zany, wacky story…which of course is right in my wheelhouse as a cartoonist!

“The drawings are fantastic! I absolutely love them, and I know Brendan will too! I’m already struggling to keep it a secret until our anniversary. I could not be happier. Thank you SO much for your amazing work!” – Andrea in Lafayette, IN

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