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Bear and Bunny by the Ocean Cartoon Drawing

This is a rather sweet cartoon drawing gift I did for one friend to give to another. Jeremy M. in Seattle, WA wanted to give a meaningful gift to his friend for her birthday. Here is Jeremy’s story behind his request:

“What I’m looking for is a drawing of a teddy bear and a bunny sitting on a log on the beach overlooking the water, with the bunny’s head on the bear’s shoulder. I am also hoping to have the picture have the sky blend together in the background…so day with the sun on the left and night with the moon on the right. I call her ‘bunny’ and she calls me her ‘bear’ and I want the picture to be symbolic with the message that she can put her head on my shoulders whenever she needs to, day or night.”

This was such a sweet touching gift, and I was glad to help draw this for Jeremy!

“The drawing looks fantastic. I am very pleased with the results!” – Jeremy, M.

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