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A Girl and Her Dog on the Moon Cartoon Drawing

For this particular drawing, Roxanne U. in Concord, CA wanted something special to give her girlfriend for her birthday. Here’s what she asked for:

I wanted a custom drawing for my girlfriend’s birthday. She has a lifelong dream of writing a children’s book called “Todo Tales”. The child (her when she was younger) and her dog, Todo, would go on various adventures. Mainly the theme is she’d think it’s only happening in her imagination but she’d wake up and there’d be pieces of that adventure with her when she wakes up. One of the stories she told me was an adventure to the moon and she thinks she was just dreaming but she’d wake up and there’d be a piece of moon stone under her pillow or in her pockets. I have pictures of her and her dog, I’d like them to be the characters in the drawing.

I suggested to Roxanne that I draw the characters on the moon discovering the special moon rock (with a few spacey objects in the background).

“Thank you, Aaron! This looks so amazing!” – Roxanne U.

Roxanne's friend with her finished drawing!
Roxanne’s friend with her finished drawing!

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