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Three Dogs Moving to Georgia with Peaches Cartoon Drawing

When I first started out Buy a Drawing, Noelle G. was one of my very first customers…so it was great to hear from her again when she contacted me for this drawing. She is moving to Georgia and wanted something different to share with her friends and family to announce her move. Here’s what she asked for:

I ordered from you a while ago ( the bullwinkle in my grandfathers army gear) and love your work! I wanted to run an idea by you to see if it was possible- we are getting ready to move to another state soon and I wanted to have a piece done to represent that and later use as new address announcements. I was thinking of having the piece be of my three dogs in or near moving boxes and then have peaches falling around the boxes. We are moving to Georgia so I wanted to include that and possibly have the Talmadge bridge in the background. Let me know if that’s something you could do.

Here is a photo of Noelle's cute doggies!
Here is a photo of Noelle’s cute doggies!

“Thank you soo much!! This is absolutely amazing!!!!!! I am incredibly happy with how it turned out!” – Noelle G.


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