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A Late Uncle Drawn as a Cartoon Superman with His Nephew

Each time I do a drawing, many emotions fly through my head. Most of the time they are creative and humorous musings about what I am drawing. However there are times when they are somber and introspective, especially with a drawing like this one. Nicholas from Reno, NV asked me to memorialize a friend of his that passed away two years ago by way of a custom cartoon drawing. In his words:

“I would like to get a drawing of two people if possible. I would like you to draw Carlos as Superman with his nephew Xzavier. Carlos passed away two years ago and was a huge Superman fan. It would great to have him flying while holding Xzavier up on his shoulder if possible.”

It is humbling to me that my art is sometimes used to memorialize those whom have passed from this life into the next. I can only hope that my drawings do them justice.

“It looks great! Thank you!!!” – Nicholas in Reno, NV

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