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Cartoon Dinosaurs Golfing Drawing for T-Shirts

How I had been waiting for this moment…a cartoon dinosaur drawing request! Naturally as a little boy I was fascinated by dinosaurs and spent many of my early drawing days doodling all sorts of dino creatures. Heck…I still LOVE DINOSAURS! I am also not ashamed to admit I have a stuffed toy T-Rex on my bedside stand.

So when Nikole from Quaker Hill, CT asked for a drawing of some cartoon golfing dinosaurs to be used on a t-shirt for her golfing tournament team, I was super excited to start.

“I love the drawing I got! I went on a quest to find someone who could bring my team’s crazy idea of dinosaurs golfing to life, and Aaron did just that, very reasonably priced for a custom drawing too. Not only was he extremely friendly and quick to respond during the ordering process, he gave his own artistic opinion in a modest way, and produced a drawing that my whole team loved. (Actually everyone at the tournament loved it!) The idea of getting the original drawing is really cool, and the digital copy is very high quality with vibrant colors. I would highly recommend Aaron and plan to order more drawings from him. Thank you!” – Nikole

golf tournament dinosaur cartoon shirts
Nikole and her golf tournament team with their Dinosaur shirts…and my original drawing.

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