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Bridal Shower Cartoon Drawing Gift – Alice in Wonderland

Allie P. (whose wedding I photographed and has been in countless other weddings I’ve also been a part of) contacted me for a special drawing request. Sarah R. is marrying Allie’s brother, Evan P., in October. Allie wanted to get Sarah something really special for her bridal shower gift.

Evan and Sarah in real life.

Actually, it was an “un-bridal” shower with an Alice in Wonderland “unbirthday” tea party theme. I suggested a drawing re-creating the Alice in Wonderland tea party theme featuring the bride Sarah as Alice, and groom Evan as the Mad Hatter. Allie loved the idea, so I hit the drawing board.

Allie sent me this photo of the drawing framed and signed by all the guests of Sarah’s “unbridal” shower.

“This is amazing I love it! I can’t wait to give it to them.” – Allie P.


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