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College Dean Superhero Cartoon Drawing Gift – Interim Dean

Stephanie from the UC Davis Graduate School of Management asked me to do a drawing as a farewell gift for their interim Dean. Here’s what she asked for:

“I am looking for a farewell gift for our Interim Dean. We will be placing the drawing inside a large black mat that we will sign. We have a inside joke about her academic regalia being her “cape.” Ideally, the image would be of a woman with a Ph.d. tam flying over our building (Gallagher Hall) with a blue cape with a large gold letter “I” (for Interim). I can send photos of all of this. Maybe some text (She’s an economist, she’s a poverty center director…no, she’s INTERIM DEAN!)” – Stephanie

After doing a little research about their dean and the Gallagher Hall, I came up with the drawing you see above! It’s pretty cool to know the drawing is also hanging in a Dean’s office somewhere:

“I received the drawing — perfect! The Dean loved it so much that she took it home right after the party. It is going to be hanging in her new office, so I am hoping to get a picture of it when I visit her. I received many inquiries from my colleagues about who drew the picture and how I managed to find someone to do something custom. I very much appreciate your willingness to expedite the drawing, too!” – Stephanie

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