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Cartoon Cat and Scorpion Costume Drawing: Bad News with Dooze and Scooze

Last post I dwelled on how I love some of the odd drawing request I get. Well here is another one! Lauren T. in Kentucky asked me to draw this:

So I have kind of a strange request in terms of a custom drawing. My boyfriend and I got a scorpion pet costume for our cat. He hated it of course but now cuddles with the costume all the time. We have started making jokes about the cat and the scorpion costume being co-news anchors on a news show called “Bad News With Dooze and Scooze”. Like I said, weird I know. Anyway, I was wanting to surprise him for Christmas with a drawing of the two of them behind a news desk with the name of the show as a logo on the front.

The cat:


The costume:


“I messaged Aaron on etsy asking for a ridiculous request. It’s a lot to explain, but basically a drawing of my cat and a scorpion as two news anchors. I got the finished product in the mail yesterday and was SO beyond happy. It’s perfect and I’m sure my boyfriend will love it when he unwraps it Christmas morning. I will absolutely be ordering from Aaron in the future.” – Lauren T.

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