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Cartoon Dogs with Dead Lizards

I love all the drawing requests I receive even though some are more off the wall than others. Jessica R. in AZ asked me to draw something that I laughed out loud once I read it. In her own words:

I would like a portrait of our two weiner dogs, Moose-Bear (a bigger, long haired one) and Sadie (a smaller, short haired one) sitting on an un-made bed that has a bunch of blankets all over it. The bed should also have a little staircase on the side (so the dogs can get onto the bed without jumping and hurting their backs.) Somewhere on the bed, or under it, or hiding somewhere should be a small pile of little dead lizards.

Draw cartoon dogs with dead lizards? Coming right up!


Aaron, I love it! Thank you so much! I know it will be my husband’s favorite gift this year :) – Jessica R.

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