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Cartoon Drawing of a Big Group of Friends at Summer Camp

Sometimes the drawing requests I get involve big groups of friends or family, like this one, this one, and this one. Sara C. in Booklyn, NY was actually part of a previous drawing I did, which is how she learned about Buy a Drawing. She asked for a drawing of her own:

“A friend of mine is getting married next weekend and I was thinking getting a drawing that includes our group of friends would be a fun, personal gift. We worked at a camp together and we have an overall theme in mind.”

Sara provided me with a detailed spreadsheet with a photo of each friend, what they should be wearing, and what they should be saying in a speech bubble in the drawing.

Do you have a large group of friends that you would like to have a cartoon drawing made of? Send me the details and I will get back to you right away with some pricing!

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