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Custom Cartoon Superhero Drawing – Super Diamond Boy

Custom cartoon superhero drawings are one of my most often received requests. This one was a little extra special as Dan Z. in Ware, MA wanted a cartoon drawing to immortalize his 3 year old son. According to Dan:

“My son loves superheroes so much he has come up with his own super powers…’super diamond’ powers. He has super diamond speed, strength, and hands. I was thinking having a super hero in a diamond blue suit, no mask. He could have a glowing diamond on his chest, muscular body, maybe ‘diamond energy’ emitting from his hands. I would like it to kind of look like a comic book cover. He has not given himself a superhero name but I was thinking ‘Super Diamond Boy’. I will provide pictures.”

So if you ever see a Super Diamond Boy movie hitting the theaters, you will know who came up with the idea!

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