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Custom Drawing of a Couple Drawn as Spiderman and Mary Jane

I was a big fan of The Amazing Spiderman growing up and read the comic books all the time. On a weekly basis my mother would drive me down to the comic book shop where I would use money earned through chores to buy any of the newest Spiderman comics. When I get a drawing request involving Spiderman I always think back fondly to that comic book shop that was right down the road from where I grew up.

Paige B. in Austin, TX asked me to draw her boyfriend as Spiderman with her in the drawing as well. She also asked for me to include the iconic quote from the movie too.

Here’s a photo of the cute couple before I transformed them into comic book stars:

Paige and Kyle
Paige and Kyle…or should I say Mary Jane and Spiderman!

Boyfriend and Girlfriend Drawn as Spiderman and Mary Jane Before and After

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