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Business Cat and Business Fish Custom Cartoon Drawing Gift

The crazier and more zany your drawing request is, the more I will have fun drawing it. I’ve written before of how my drawings are often quirky, fun and nonsensical when I create them in my own time. So when I get a drawing request from a customer that is off-the-charts nutty, it’s a drawing task I am always game for! Mike W. from the UK’s request most certainly falls into that category.

Mike wanted a drawing of a business cat…and a business fish…eating a dinner of dancing maggots. Wait, what?! I did a double take too when I read that description, but there is a story behind it. In Mike’s words:

“My girlfriend is like a cat in her mannerisms (I call her HamCat due to the Facebook sticker, but her leaps and posture are cat-like) and I am the Facebook sticker “Business Fish” as she is creative and I am absolutely Mr Business…and fishy apparently. One time I said that “HamCat would be feeding Business Fish suited maggots waltzing to jazz” following a night of fun, as we recovered from a hangover. This silly comment I made many months ago has become an anchor of our relationship and I thought it would be a nice gesture to immortalize it in art, and your mind and work seemed most suited to it.”

I was happy to bring Mike’s vision to a reality as a gift for his girlfriend.

“Fab Aaron! This is great. Thank you for brining this unusual concept to life!” – Mike W. (United Kingdom)

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