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Custom Superhero Cartoon Drawing of Literacy Woman

Some of my most common drawing requests are from people who wish to be drawn, or have their friends / family drawn, as their own custom superhero. I’ve done superhero drawings of fathers and their kids, superhero couples, and even superhero babies!

For this drawing, Frank D. in Milwaukee, WI asked for the following:

“My wife works for a charity that encourages reading for children. My kids and I like to call her Literacy Woman. I’d like to get a full color 8×10 drawing of her likeness in a super hero suite with a logo for Literacy Woman on the chest and a green suite (her favorite color). I’ve looked a at your gallery and really like your style – maybe have her flying with a book or two in her hand and use your creative skill – to make her look super – because she really is.” – Frank D.

Want to be drawn as your own superhero? Send me a message!

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