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Doctor Who Custom Cartoon Drawing for a Doctor Who Couple

When I started Buy a Drawing back in 2015, I knew it was only a matter of time before I received a request for a Doctor Who themed drawing. Jennifer H. in Corpus Christi, TX was the first to send in such a request!

She told me that she wanted a custom drawing to give to her husband for Valentine’s Day featuring both of them in the world of Doctor Who. Here’s what she asked for:

“My husband and I are huge fans of Doctor Who. I’d like a drawing with the Tardis in the background, my husband as the Doctor, and me as his companion with a bike. He would have Peter Capaldi’s cape and holding the sonic screwdriver. I could be next to him wearing a dress with a bike. The background could be Copenhagen, Denmark with the pretty houses and river.”

I personally have never watched a Doctor Who episode, but after creating this drawing and reading about the series, I might have to check it out.

“WOW! I absolutely love it! This is spectacular! You are brilliant! Just wow!!!! Thank you so much!” – Jennifer H.

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