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Cartoon Bear and Peanut Happy Anniversary Custom Drawing

I love drawing cartoons for anniversary gifts. First of all it is a unique, one-of-a-kind gift that is sure to elicit a strong emotional reaction…smiles, laughter and tears (hopefully of joy!) . Second it is humbling to me knowing that my artwork will be cherished as a part of their story together for a very long time.

Jacob M. in New York, NY contacted me to create a special anniversary drawing for him as a gift for his girlfriend. He wanted me to create in my cartoon style a drawing based on their nicknames for each other. She calls him B-Cub (as in Bear Cub) and he calls her Peanut. This drawing I had done before caught his eye, and he asked for a similar setting for the drawing.

“I was looking for an anniversary gift and thought that a picture depicting our nicknames would be nice. Buy a Drawing was the perfect gift. It was creative, fun, and most importantly easy to work with Aaron!” – Jacob M., New York

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