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Dogs Drawn as Cartoon Video Game and Anime Characters

Lauren S. from Rock Hill, SC wanted to get her boyfriend something special for Christmas. He has two dogs. One is Meelo, whom he named after the anime character from The Legend of Korra. The other is Tali, named from the video game character in Mass Effect.

Tali and Meelo the Dogs
Tali and Meelo – the pet dogs of Lauren’s boyfriend.

I received a request from Lauren asking if I could draw each dog as their respective anime / video game character namesake. I’ve drawn superhero dogs before, so it was certainly something I could do…and enjoy doing for that matter!

Meelo Legend of Korra
The anime character Meelo, from The Legend of Korra.
Tali Mass Effect Video Game
The video game character Tali from Mass Effect.

“It looks wonderful! My boyfriend will love it. Thank you so much!” – Lauren S. 

Lauren's boyfriend with dogs and drawing
Three happy customers!

The dogs love their drawing.

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