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Little Helpers Community Service Daughter Cartoon Drawing

There are some children out there in the world that take the initiative to do things that many adults do not do. One of these children is 11-year old Sarah from Stephens City, VA. Her mother, Melissa, contacted me to do a cartoon drawing of Sarah. Here’s what Mom had to say of why Sarah is so special:

“My daughter has been doing her own community service projects since 2014. I want a cartoon drawing of her with a wagon full of boxes. She has held three book drives, a sock drive and a toy drive so far and donates the items to places in Winchester, VA. We call her business ‘The Little Helpers'”.

While organizing these types of donation drives is an awesome thing, it is SUPER awesome when a young child is making this happen. Sarah will be a true asset to the world as she grows older. You can find out more about Sarah and The Little Helpers by checking out her group Facebook page.

“Thank you, Aaron! I love the cartoon drawing! It is perfect. She will love it! Thank you again!” – Melissa in Stephens City, VA

Sarah of The Little Helpers with her original cartoon drawing.

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